At Towy Valley Milk, we are proud to share our passion in our quest to lower our carbon footprint and increase our sustainability in offering re-usable and re-fillable glass milk bottles, cutting down on the use of plastic.

By making a one-off purchase for the 1 litre branded milk bottle to fill, take home and reuse you will doing your part in helping to preserve our local area!

Rinse, return and re-fill the next big step to sustainability and helping to reduce plastic waste!



Penybanc Uchaf is a family run dairy farm set in the beautiful Towy Valley just outside the village of Llanarthney. The farm is run by myself (Aled) and my parents, Meurig and Anwen Davies. I am the fourth generation dairy farmer on both sides of our family and proud to carry on the family tradition providing fresh pasteurised milk from our pedigree Holstein cows.


After our cows have been milked, the milk is then sent over to the pasteurizing room to begin the process. It is done far less slowly than the factories that supply the supermarkets, therefore the milk will be less damaged and keeps it great quality and fresh taste. The milk will not be homogenised. The fresh milk is then transported in vessels to our vending machines.


We have a herd of pedigree Holstein cows which we have bred for many years. They are milked twice a day – morning and night. Our cows spend the summer months outside grazing the luscious green pastures around our farm overlooking the iconic view of the Towy Valley. Over the winter months, they come back inside to be housed, lovingly looked after and fed by the forage made on our farm over the summer months.


Our new, purpose built milk shelters are open 24 hours a day where you are able to buy your fresh, delicious milk directly from our vending machines. We wanted to give local people and our community the opportunity to buy our fresh milk produced only hours before from our cows grazing on their doorstep!


Pay a visit to one of two Vending Machines sites situated in:

• Llanarthney Village Hall Carmarthenshire SA32 8JD

• Cross Hands Business Park
Heol Stanllyd, Cross Hands SA14 6RB

Just buy one of our branded, 1 litre (re-usable) bottles and refill at either one of our two milk stations.


Aled Davies
Penybanc Uchaf
Carmarthenshire SA32 8LB

Mobile: 07881 430696
Email: info@towyvalleymilk.co.uk
Website: www.towyvalleymilk.co.uk